custom steam deck button set pink and blue neon

Custom Deckverse Steam Deck Button Set

One person that I wanted to include in the launch was Timo over at  I've been watching his continued dedication to Steam Deck coverage, and really wanted to hook him up with a custom set. 

There's a very small amount of this style DPAD on the site now. But, they may already be sold out. 

Custom Deckverse steam deck button set, a blend of pink and bluecustom neon blue and pink steam deck buttons dpad side shown here


I wanted to go with something that would really pop.  These Steam Deck buttons feature a custom blend of Neon blue and Pink.  The "Steam" button is replaced with the Deckverse logo.  


custom paradise fade steam deck buttons neon pink and blue

Creating these sets offers a unique challenge.  You have to pour the colors right as the resin is starting to cure.  This gives you a very small window to get it right, and makes it something difficult to do in large batches.  I must have done 10+ sets of these to get the final set you are looking at here. 


holographic steam deck button featuring deckverse logo

And of course I had to hook him up with a holographic Deckverse exclusive Steam button.  

Check out Timo's content here: 




If you dig these and want to see them become available on the site, leave a comment below.  If there's enough demand, a limited drop may happen!

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