Extremerate / Aftermarket Shells

When installing your buttons into an Extremerate shell, a minor adjustment to the "cake" button may be necessary. This concern doesn't arise with stock Valve shells. Our initial designs were based on the stock Valve hardware, as aftermarket shells weren't available at the time. We're aware that many modders plan on integrating our buttons into these shells, so rest assured, we've already got molds in the works that address this issue. This slight hiccup only pertains to our launch stock of buttons, and does not occur in stock Valve hardware. Thanks for understanding!

The Fix:

Simply sand down the edges of the button's post, as indicated by arrows in the provided image. You can use the "crowbar" button as reference. Alternatively, you can sand down the shell directly if that's more convenient for you.

That's it! happy modding!

image indicating the areas to sand for installing our button into extremerate shell. the edges of the side post are pictured here.