Are you affiliated with Valve?

No. This site is run by a lifelong Valve fan, Steam Deck enthusiast, and hardware modder.  We are in no way affiliated with, or attempting to appear affiliated with Valve inc.  

Are you affiliated with Colored Controllers / Touchprotect?

Yes!  This site is run by the same guy that created Colored Controllers, and TouchProtect.  This vision for this project slowly got bigger and bigger, until it felt like it warranted it's own site. So here we are.  Thank you for being here.  

What are these button sets made of?

All of our buttons are made of a urethane Resin. This material is strong and durable, takes color well, and feels nice. 

How long does it take to produce each button set?

This can vary depending on how involved the set is.  I try to design my molds to be able to make them in batches.  It's hard to quantify the time invested into an individual set, considering the time it takes to make molds (20+hours) cure times (1-8 hours) demolding and finishing, etc.  Just know that this is a labor of love.  

Can I customize my own button set design?

We don't offer individualized customization at this time.  Please consider throwing your idea on this form. 

Are these button sets compatible with all versions of the Steam Deck? 

Our buttons have been tested with launch editions of the Deck, and current retail versions as of August 2023. You should have no issues with stock hardware.

How do I install these button sets on my Steam Deck?

Installation isn't too hard. Please see our install guide for more details. 

What's the lifespan of these button sets?

Our button sets will last the lifespan of your Steam Deck.  We have launch edition PS4 / OG Steam Controller sets still in use to this day. 

Is there a warranty or replacement policy for damaged or defective buttons?

I back what I make. If you come across any manufacturing defects that I may have missed that effect the functionality of your buttons, feel free to reach out.  Please see the refund policy here for more info. 

Do you plan on doing Triggers / Back Buttons?

Not at this time. 

How often do you release new designs or limited editions?

The goal is to continuously release new designs and keep the creativity flowing! Keep in touch on our socials, mailing list, and check the site often.  Excited to release some of these ideas!

Do you ship internationally? What are the shipping rates?

We do. Please see our shipping policy for more info. 

Why don't you ship to the UK? 

Sorry guys, the whole Brexit thing has been too difficult to deal with as a small business.  Just like with CC, I plan on having UK specific Etsy links for you, as they deal with all of that for us.  I don't have enough stock set aside to do that at launch. 

How are these button sets different from mass-produced ones?

Each button is made by hand, and made using resin casting as opposed to injection molding.  This produces a more solid (not hollow) button, that feels better and lasts longer.  Want to dive a little deeper? Check out this behind the scenes article that dives into the process further. 

Why are some sets more expensive than others?

Certain sets take more time to make, use more expensive materials, or both.  Some sets are made using multiple casts and layering.  This oftentimes means multiple hour cure times per cast to get the desired effect. 

Are there any potential compatibility issues I should be aware of?

It has been brought to our attention that the select button may not fit Extremerate shells. (button with a cake on the back)  This issue will only effect some of our sets released at launch.  This issue does not effect official Valve shells.  The initial button molds were made over the course of 6 months, based off of the stock Valve hardware, aftermarket shells did not exist during this time.  We have new molds in the works to address this, and all future sets will not have this issue.  If you do encounter this issue, It's an easy fix.  Please see here for details.

How do I ensure the correct orientation when installing?

We made that easy on you!  Simply orient all logos to be face up in the shell.  As long as the logos/text are facing up you'll be good to go! 

You're a one man show, how can I help you? 

If you like what I do, I'd love for you to spread the word.  Oftentimes I get busy with making products, running the Amazon backend, fulfilling orders, etc..  Where I tend to be inconsistent is the social media upkeep.  Any help spreading the word on what I do is much appreciated!  I'd love to start putting out interesting videos on youtube, feel free to throw me a sub if you're feeling generous :) 

What are the marks on the backs of my buttons?

You may notice some marks on the backs of your buttons. These are a normal part of the casting process.  During casting, vents are made in the molds as a place for the excess resin to flow out. During demolding, you are left with excess resin from where the mold halves meet, (called flashing) and sprues leftover from venting.  The marks left behind are from flashing and sprue removal. 

Back of depad fresh out of the mold, shows sprues sticking up on the edges

The back of my Valve Start / Select buttons look different, how come?

You may notice that your Start / Select buttons are flat, as opposed to Valve's new style with raised sides.  Valve's original release buttons did not have those raised sides, as time went on people were noticing the stock buttons getting stuck at an angle in the shell.  Their fix for this was to add those raised sides to the backs of their buttons.  We went a different route, and raised the buttons just high enough to where they can't get stuck in the shell.  Same fix, different approach. (Ours are actually a little easier to press without looking.)

stock valve select button next to our select button (backs shown)