Custom OVERKILL.WTF Steam Deck Button Set

Custom OVERKILL.WTF Steam Deck Button Set

Overkill.WTF  Is a site that I've been frequenting for a while now.  It offers a wide variety of all things Steam Deck.  To top it off, their logo is dope and looks great on a Steam Deck button. custom steam deck button set closeup of overkill custom steam deck buttons abxy

Echoing the tones of the Overkill logo, these buttons feature a striking white base. While they might suggest a USA theme to a few, to me, they resonate with the playful vibe of a classic rocket popsicle. custom steam deck dpad

I really like the "camo look" of these.  Expect to see some releases in this style in the future. 

custom steam deck logo button

And of course, I had to hook them up with a holographic Steam button with their logo on it. 


If you dig this set and want to see this colorway hit the site, leave a comment below!  If there's enough interest, this colorway will be released to the public!

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