custom retro game corps steam deck in hand

Custom Retro Game Corps Steam Deck Button Set

Russ over at Retro Game Corps has been making awesome handheld content for a while now.. I managed to get in contact with him, and he agreed to let me send him some buttons.  My friends and I were pretty stoked that he replied, and this button set is the end result!  

steam deck with custom retro game corps button set installed

custom rgc steam deck buttons installed in steam deck. Image has deck in hand


I did a lot of experimenting with his set, and ended up going with a "Build your own" style for him.  I made him two separate sets, both in the colors of his branding.  Each color is hand mixed to ensure a precise match.   These two sets will allow him to mix and match to create a set of his own, using his own brand's colors! 

rgc logo on the steam button. Close up

And of course, had to throw the RGC on the Steam button. 

rgc holographic steam deck button

Last but not least, a holographic RGC exclusive Steam button. 


Let me know what you think in the comments! 

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