custom sdhq dpad

Custom SDHQ Steam Deck Button Set

Steam Deck HQ is the spot to go for all Steam Deck news.  We met each other early on in the Steam Deck's life, and it's been awesome to see the site grow! 

Here's their review of TouchProtect.

custom Steam Deck HQ steam deck button set

custom steam deck hq button set, dpad shot

These colors are a blend of the SDHQ logo's colors, as well as the overall site's background color.  Getting the particular "greyish blue" took numerous tries to nail down.   

SDHQ holographic steam deck button

And, like the rest, a holographic SDHQ edition Steam button to top it all off. 

If you dig the colors in this set, and want to see them hit the site, leave a comment below! If there's enough interest they may end up going live! 


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I want one so badly, either this one or the Neon resin 😭😭


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