Custom Wulff Den Steam Deck Buttons

Custom Wulff Den Steam Deck Buttons

Secret’s out, and the buttons that I made Bob Wulff have been revealed! I figured it was a good time to show you them in more detail, and let you in on a little secret behind them at the end…

These ones are just for him, if you like the colorways, let us know in the comments of this blog.  We may end up releasing them, without the Wulff Den logo of course. 
wulff den blue logo button set

close up of wulff den logo steam button

I wanted to make something that really matched Bob’s Branding. I noticed he used a lot of blues around his channel, so I got to work experimenting. The final set you see here is actually the 6th or 7th attempt at getting that blue just right. Everything is custom mixed using various pigments, dyes, and I even threw in a little holo blue flake just for fun. Once I saw this particular shade of blue I knew this mix was the one. For the dpad he decided to go with the holo one that I had given him. Those are currently on my personal deck, and lemme tell you… They are hard to make, but look awesome in person.

…But wait there’s more

Wulff Den alternate steam deck button set

wulff den custom steam deck button

That’s right, a second set! Again I was really trying to play around and see different ways to incorporate blues into this design. These were a bit more of a subtle (yet still flashy) option that I came up with. I really dig this set and almost threw them on my own Steam Deck. Having the flake muted a bit through the matte finish of the buttons is really cool, imo.  This set inspired our Party Black offering. 

…time for the big reveal, the secret I promised you at the beginning of this post.. something he didn’t mention in the video…

glow in the dark steam deck buttons


That’s right, they glow!!! I saw that Bob sells a shirt that glows in the dark, and thought it would be a nice touch to make his buttons glow as well. I picked that shirt up at toomanygames this year and lemme tell you… it’s super soft and comfy. You can snag your own here.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little peak behind the scenes. If you’ve got a deck and like what I do, feel free to browse the store.   This is my full time gig, so I’ll be busy working on fun stuff for your tech.

TouchProtect rule, and are also available on Amazon.


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