Custom the phawx steam deck button sets

Custom The Phawx Steam Deck Button Set

The Phawx was one of the first people I thought of when picking who to send buttons to.  His video on TouchProtect really helped spread the word.   

Custom steam deck button set for the phawx featuring the flash theme

I always see The Flash shirt in his avatar, and figured why not make him a "build your own" set like I did with RGC?  He's got two full sets, one with a metallic yellow, and one with a rich red.  He'll be able to pick and choose what buttons to place where, and it'll allow him to have a truly custom Steam Deck. 

custom party purple phawx steam deck button

I also sent him a custom Phawx Edition Party Purple set! 

custom the phawx holographic steam deck button

And of course, a holographic Phawx edition Steam button. 


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