Deckbuttons HQ is moving.

Deckbuttons HQ is moving.

In the short amount of time that the site has been live, we have been met with an overwhelming support, press beyond my wildest dreams, and amazing customers.  DeckButtons started as an idea and a vision that was unproven... A big risk both in terms of financial commitment, as well as a dedication of time and energy (both mental and physical).  If you've been watching from the sidelines you know that this has become my "every waking hour" of the day, since the site went life.   

As the months have gone by, it's become painfully obvious that I need to move this operation out of my basement.  While this space was absolutely incredible to build out and work in, it's just not quite as functional and streamlined as I would like.

 ...Which is why I'd like to announce that starting in early 2024, DeckButtons is moving on up!  I've begun breaking down the work areas, and will be moving into a commercial facility that is better suited for helping this grow. 

During this transition period I may release small batches of things that were made before the move, and launch a new preorder or two to help cover some of these moving costs and make sure we're good to go in the new space.  Stock will be fairly light, so keep an eye out.  There will be more to come and maybe even a bit of a "big reveal" once everything is settled in.  

Thank you for your support, and for allowing this new chapter to be written.   I am still early on in this journey, and am incredibly thankful that you guys are right here with me helping this grow. 

This is another big step, and comes with more risk etc, but I'm confident that we will continue to refine, tweak, expand, and release the best aftermarket Steam Deck buttons out there for years to come. 

- Greg 

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