Launch Week Recap

Launch Week Recap

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PHEW! What a week. Finally caught up on sleep. Here's some quick tidbits, a timeline of what's next, and some info on those sweet holo buttons that everyone wants to get their hands on. 

If you missed the launch day live stream Q&A, here's a link. Drop a sub on that account, as there will be some interesting videos and streams in the future. 

Featured articles from:

More to come. I'm keeping quiet and crossing my fingers on something to (hopefully) come.  If you catch any others, shoot me a link. 


  • - Over 120 sets shipped.
  • - Holo buttons sold out within the first 5 min if I'm remembering correctly
  • - All launch inventory sold out 
  • 1x random drop later in the week that still has 2 sets left as of typing this

Ramping up Production:

The launch stock was a delicate balance of having some variety, while having enough of each to meet an unknown demand.  I was confident that the final product is awesome, but you guys proved that the demand is there.  So now I'm moving onto phase 2. 

I've already taken steps to increase output.  Within days of launch I was purchasing more equipment, and more materials to scale this up.  Also have a couple of friends helping here and there. 

The timeline is as follows: 

  • Building up a mold library.  This step was already in progress pre-launch, but with the new equipment set to arrive this week I'll be able to speed this step up a bit. New molds include a fix for this.
  • Keepin' it moving.  As molds are done, I'll start rotating them in and getting things back in stock.  That handy "notify me" button on all of the product pages?  That lets me know what colors are most popular.  As they are made, that button will alert you that they are available. 
  • Stealth Drops. You may see random sets pop up in limited quantities.  Keep an eye out on twitter, as these will be creative one off's that may turn into bigger drops if people like them. 
  • Limited Releases. These are the big drops of super creative sets.  And I've got a lot already planned for this category.  These drops will be in mailing lists and have a launch date, so get that add to cart button ready. 

This seems like a good section to mention, If anybody in or around Philadelphia has access to an SLS 3D printer, please reach out. 



TouchProtect was the very first Steam Deck accessory on the market, launching within a week of the Deck's initial public release. Over the course of last year, TouchProtect have gotten over 20 Amazon's choice awards, and has sold over 23,000 units.   It's safe to say that TouchProtect has set the gold standard for trackpad protection. 

Anyway, TouchProtect hit a huge milestone over on Amazon this week.  We officially crossed 1,000 reviews. INSANE!  All of those reviews are organic, no messing around with blackhat tactics like *cough* some of my competitors..  



Initially, the first batch of holographic buttons was meant to be a limited release, and revisited down the line. Why? Because they're incredibly labor-intensive to produce, and I end up with many that just don't make the cut. However, given the overwhelming demand, I've decided to make another batch available for preorder.

But here's the deal, it's a Limited Preorder.

I'm not like other companies that keep you waiting for half a year after taking your money.  I like to think long term, and scale up at a sustainable pace. This preorder will be capped at a quantity that I'm confident I can deliver within about a month's time.  Bear in mind, these holographic sets take longer to cure, and will be crafted in small batches alongside other products. Orders will ship on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier you get in, the sooner you'll receive your set.

If this process ends up working well, I'm down to continue it for another round. Having used a holographic set on my own Steam Deck, I totally get the appeal. I want to make them accessible to everyone who shares that enthusiasm.

With that being said, keep an eye on your emails, as the preorder info will show up there once it's ready.  Haven't signed up for emails? Do so here. I'll give everyone a heads up to mark their calendars, so you aren't scrambling. 


And that's all I've got. Thank you for an incredible start. Can't wait to see people's modded Steam Decks! 

- Greg  

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