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Colored Controllers

Neon Yellow Steam Deck Button Set

Neon Yellow Steam Deck Button Set

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Envision the vivid glow of a highlighter, now picture that vibrancy on your Steam Deck's buttons. This brilliant yellow set contrasts starkly against the Steam Deck's darker shell, making a statement that's impossible to ignore. If you're in the mood to stand out, this set has your name on it.


  • Texture Matched to the stock Steam Deck's Shell 
  • 100% Resin Cast construction. 
  • Menu, and "..." buttons are raised, improving usability and accessibility.
  • DPAD has increased grip vs the stock DPAD. 
  • Comes in reusable packaging - Store your Stock Buttons!

Button Sets Include:

  • A,B,X,Y 
  • Start / Select
  • Menu, and "..." 
  • Matching DPAD
  • Reusable Plastic Packaging - Store your Stock Buttons!
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